Are Your Ebooks Ready for the Holiday?

Baby BlogHidey ho, folks. Have you been busy? (NaNoMo, anybody?) I’ve been busy. So busy, in fact, that I am running on empty and it’s time to take a break. Part of the reason is pictured. (Say, howdy to the nice blog readers, Amazing Poop Machine.) Come December, I’ll be putting all my attention on projects for my posse (great stuff from Tom Pluck and Julia Barrett coming soon!), working on some personal projects, training minions, and spending lots of time with the family. I might even get this blog updated. New features coming in 2014.

That’s my roundabout way of saying, I have exactly three slots open until I shut down for the rest of the year. I won’t be taking on any new work after December 1 though January 1. So if you need your immortal words turned into a beautiful ebook in time for the Christmas rush, now’s the time to get them in.



Thank You For Your Queries

I want to thank everybody who’s emailed me lately asking how much I charge to produce an ebook. (I apologize to those who ended up in the spam box–I don’t know why gmail is doing that, but I am now checking my spam box regularly)

demon screenshotI appreciate your compliments about my ebooks. I’m very proud of them and it thrills me no end to be noticed for something I am so passionate about. It also thrills me to know that so many of you are finding this blog useful and you’re using what I’m learning to lift your ebooks out of the “ugly cousin” ghetto and into the “hot chick everybody wants” high rise. Ebooks can be beautiful and we’re proving it, aren’t we?

With that said, I posted a page listing my prices.

Because I’m a reader first and foremost and I treasure the written word–no matter what form it takes–every one of my ebooks is a custom job. No templates, no assembly lines, no same ol’ same ol’. I enjoy challenges. (This does make me a little nutty at times, but the best thing about being self-employed is that even when the worker-bee is off her nut, the boss has to suck it up–ha!)

When I take an ebook into production, it’s from start to finish. I’m the Queen of Clean, so I’ll scour your manuscript file, stripping out all the little nasties that make ebooks hiccup and making sure your punctuation is consistent and up to standard. Your ebook will be a custom job, laid out the way you want it, as fancy or plain as you desire. You’ll get a validated EPUB file (suitable for uploading to Barnes&Noble and Kobo or selling direct off your own site), a MOBI file (for Amazon) and a clean doc file you can use to format a Smashwords file or an ARC or whatever else you might need it for. I can also format the Smashwords file for you, but it will be plain since currently the major concern with Smashwords is getting it through the Meatgrinder in one piece–the fancy bits just make trouble. You have the option of doing the proofreading yourself or hiring me to do it.

So, again thank you for your queries. If you need me, I’ll be right over there, figuring out new ways to make ebooks even better.