Ebook Formatting Resources

There has been a lot of interest in my posts on ebook formatting. So rather than make people wade through the entire blog, I put all the links on one page. You can find it in the header under Ebook Formatting Resources or click here.

I’ve linked all my posts on the subject, plus added links to useful sites and resources for the DIY indie. I’ll continue to update the page as I learn new tricks or find useful new blogs and websites.


7 thoughts on “Ebook Formatting Resources

  1. Jaye, thanks for the mention for OP in your Resources guide. I think your series on formatting has done more to remove confusion from the subject than anything else on the Intertubes.

    • Thank you, Bridget. Your series is a good one for those who want to tackle ebooks using HTML. I’ve got it bookmarked and ready for when I’m ready to tackle it.

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