An Update: Forest Fires and Formatting

Hi, folks! I’ve been a tad quiet. Just want everyone to know, I haven’t forgotten you and I have some fun posts planned–including some boast posts I hope will inspire you to make your ebooks even more spectacular

In the meantime, don’t forget to get your entries into the very first Ebook Formatting Contest. The deadline is June 20th. Rules and information are here. I am looking forward to seeing some beautiful ebooks.

I also want to apologize for my slow response to queries this week. I live in a part of Colorado called Black Forest (so named by German immigrants who thought it reminded them of home). Unlike the Black Forest in Germany, Colorado is semi-arid and forest fires are always a possibility. Right now the fire danger is very high. I had to leave my house this past week. I’m back now. My house and property is fine, but not everyone was so lucky. Many are still under mandatory evacuation. Over 400 homes were destroyed. The fire is now well on its way to full containment and they expect it to be out by the 20th. Fire fighters are my new heroes. Those men and woman are amazing.

fireI think I answered all questions that came my way, but if you didn’t get a response, resend your email and I’ll get to it.

Stay safe, everybody!



20 thoughts on “An Update: Forest Fires and Formatting

  1. I’m so glad to hear you survived the fire relatively unscathed! Living in Southern Ontario, where the worst we’re usually hit with are light snowstorms, I tend to forget the devastating impact natural disasters can have until they actually happen.

  2. Thank you, Michelle. I was talking to the old man about finding a place to live where there are no natural disasters. “Um,” sez he, “the moon?” Meteor strikes, I reminded him.

    Such is life.

  3. Oh wow. What a terrifying photo! I’m glad you’re safe for now. Firefighters are incredibly brave and self-sacrificing.

  4. I tried to link to a video that showed fire fighters saving a house–they’ll be using it as a training video for other fire fighters. It’s amazing. That photo was taken abut 8 miles from my house. I don’t know if that intersection was saved. It’s the old Black Forest “town,” with a general store and feed store and a few little mom-and-pop businesses. I hope it’s okay.

    • Thanks, Nila. During a morning press briefing, the sheriff told everyone in CS to “Wash your cars.” That afternoon it rained. So in the afternoon briefing he thanked the citizens for washing their cars and remembering to leave the windows rolled down. Heh.

      • Ha! As hokey as that may be, it always seems to rain right after you wash your car. Good job, citizens of Colorado Springs! 😉

  5. Great Googa-Mooga! I knew you were in Colorado, but I’d no idea you were so close to the fires! I’m overjoyed to learn that you are safe. Please make that a continuing trend, okay?

    • I’m working on it, Jon. I’m far luckier than many. I have family in town, so “refugee status” is an inconvenience at worst. There are still a lot of people in shelters. No fun at all.

  6. Sweet Jaye, glad you and the family have survived yet another fire if only gawd would have an automatic sprinkler system in times of need, now there’s a thought….

    Firemen and women really are brave and should always be remembered in our thoughts as they tend not to think of themselves in dangerous situations, jaunt wading in and getting on with saving life and property regardless – Well Done them

    • Hi Tom. I really can’t say enough good things about the fire fighters. I’ve spent the last week with my eyes glued to the TV, amazed and thankful over the sheer dogged courage those men and women display “just doing their jobs.” When I wasn’t staring at the TV, I was watching the skies for DC-10s dropping slurry and Chinooks hauling water buckets, and fire spotter planes and helicopters who get right down inside those horrendous up- and side-drafts to find the hot spots. The mind, she does boggle.

      If anyone is interesting in some of the amazing stories coming out of this fire, check these out: (warning, some will make you cry)

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