Update: A Fix for the Calibre Line-Spacing Issue

A comment from Kovid Goyal of Calibre on yesterday’s blog post led me to do some experimenting this morning. I took the same files I used to demonstrate the squished line spacing and converted them into azw3 files. I loaded them onto my Kindle and the line spacing issue was no longer an issue.

So, if you are getting otherwise good results from Calibre and are comfortable with it and do not want to change, then from here on out, do NOT convert your files into MOBI format. Instead, convert them into AZW3 format.


7 thoughts on “Update: A Fix for the Calibre Line-Spacing Issue

  1. Thanks for passing this along. Seems so obvious in retrospect, but that’s part of the “fun” of DIY conversions.

  2. Just to clarify, this line-spacing thing is purely a Kindle issue? I go straight from HTML to EPUB (via Calibre) when I format my ebooks for Nook and Kobo. (I make a copy of the original HTML file for each edition, because I put retailer-specific stuff in the front and back matter – i.e. the front says ‘Kobo Edition’ and in the back, links to my other books go right to the Kobo store. It’s easier for me than having one HTML document and changing everything between conversions!)

    • As far as I know it is a conflict between Calibre and the Kindles. BUT, I don’t have access to devices that read EPUB files, so I can’t be positive. Given that other devices don’t do a 3-in-1 ebook that way Kindles do, I doubt very much this is a problem with a Nook or iPad or Sony devices.

  3. I have exactly the same issue using Calibre to convert eBooks for Kobo – On many books the line spacing adjustment doesn’t work on the Kobo in epubs while on some it does even though the Calibre conversion settings are the same – it therefore doesn’t seem to be just a Kindle issue.

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