Ebook Formatting Services

What Makes a Great Ebook?

#1 Great writing, great story

#2 An ebook that works properly on the reader’s device

#3 An ebook that looks beautiful and is a pleasure to read

BlogServices2When I’m reading a book, that’s my priority list. If #1 isn’t there, #2 and #3 don’t matter. If, however, it is a wonderful story, but the ebook is broken or carelessly formatted, the writer will end up on my “When I get to the library…” list.

Production values matter. It’s why I work as hard as I do.

It’s why I have this blog. I know there are people who’ve improved the quality of their ebooks by using the tips, tricks and resources I write about. I applaud these do-it-yourselfers and have made it my mission to help out in any way I can.

Some readers come looking for professional help. I’ve updated my services page here. All my ebooks are custom, so prices can vary, but you can get an idea about how much your project will cost based on the size of your book.

BlogServices1I’d also like to mention a very special service I can do for you. If you have a clean source file, you’ve won 90% of the battle toward creating an ebook that works and looks good. I can clean your Word file for you. Strip out the ugly code and extra spaces, tidy up the special formatting (bolding and italics), and bring your punctuation up to snuff. The file will be ready to format. All you have to do is style it.

So check out my new page. If you need me, give a shout.


8 thoughts on “Ebook Formatting Services

  1. Jaye – your obsessinating pays big dividends. I can’t wait to dive into the next two books– with you. You provide outstanding service, advice, know-how… and you’re fantastic to work with.

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  3. I’m not sure how this all works, can you add my cover art and an imprint logo as well as do the formatting and front matter?
    Or are the outer bits a separate thing?

    • If you mean, do I insert the cover into the ebook, then yes. If you want to know if your logo and other graphics can be placed in the ebook, then yes to that, too. If you mean creating the actual cover, there are people better qualified than I. Email me and I’ll be better able to answer your questions.

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