Are Your Ebooks Ready for the Holiday?

Baby BlogHidey ho, folks. Have you been busy? (NaNoMo, anybody?) I’ve been busy. So busy, in fact, that I am running on empty and it’s time to take a break. Part of the reason is pictured. (Say, howdy to the nice blog readers, Amazing Poop Machine.) Come December, I’ll be putting all my attention on projects for my posse (great stuff from Tom Pluck and Julia Barrett coming soon!), working on some personal projects, training minions, and spending lots of time with the family. I might even get this blog updated. New features coming in 2014.

That’s my roundabout way of saying, I have exactly three slots open until I shut down for the rest of the year. I won’t be taking on any new work after December 1 though January 1. So if you need your immortal words turned into a beautiful ebook in time for the Christmas rush, now’s the time to get them in.




15 thoughts on “Are Your Ebooks Ready for the Holiday?

  1. Your amazing poop machine is adorable, congratulations. Hope you have a relaxing time changing diapers in the coming holiday season.

  2. While I celebrate for you and wholeheartedly support you in taking this obviously deserved and probably much-needed break – a whole month?

    Reading that, my palms began to moisten, my breath became shallower and more rapid, and I recognized the unmistakable signs of withdrawal. A month, a *whole* month? But what if . . . ? and I mean, there’s the rest of the o-p backlist . . . and I’ve had several notions . . . and . . . A whole month, Jaye?

    Enjoy! (And she’s a real charmer. But I’ve told you that before.)

    • December is the shortest month of the year. At least, if you’re an adult (kids all claim it is the longest). I’ll be back with a vengeance come January.

    • You need to get you one, Julia. All the fun, none of the fuss. And opportunities around every corner to get back at your kids for the crap they put you through when they were young. Ha!

  3. YES. My first ebook is up an running. A children’s Christmas story. Angel Diamonds from the Sky. Written by Jack G. Maynard, Jr. An animated book available at Apples ibook store. If you love snow like my family does you will love the story. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Awe….. Some, that’s you of course and the bairn is so cute too xxxxx Oh and I think you do need a break there was a spelling mistake above, between December and January but you knew that and were just toying with me, right. Have a great break Ishbel and I have Jenny, Steve and the horrors that are Mollie, Shannon and Lacey Mae over Christmas and then the twins Holly and Charlie over Hogmanay. no doubt I’ll be on my knees, but can’t wait

    Lurvs Ya Sweetcakes xxxxxx

    • I insert typos in my posts just for you, Tom. It keeps us both on our toes. I’ll trade your girls for my pair of two-year-old grandsons. If nothing else, the boys will assure you your hearing is just fine, thank you very much, and will you please USE YOUR INDOOR VOICES?!? (although, I don’t think 2 yo boys have indoor voices)

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