Book Production Services: Ebook and Print-on-Demand

Regular readers might have noticed something different about my blog. I had to take down my Ebook Services page. Long story short, life happened and I got tired of telling people, “Sorry, I can’t help you right now.”

quinnmail2I apologize to those people. I’d love to work on every project offered to me, large or small, but that’s impossible right now. (For my regulars, you’re in–no worries, I’ll take care of you.)

Since I have to limit what new projects I can accept, I’ve decided to focus on areas where I can do the most good.

MOBI Conversions for Calibre Files. The number one search term that brings people to this blog is, Calibre broke my Kindle book, or words to that effect. The number one email query I get is, Calibre broke my Kindle book. I’ve tried to help with how-to guides, but it seems I just confused the hell out of a lot of people. I’m getting more cries for help than ever. Not that I want to be in the conversion business, but I really do want to help writers–and readers!–so here goes: Send me ten bucks along with the validated EPUB file you produced in Calibre and I’ll put the fix in and convert a MOBI file that works. Email me at jayewmanus at gmail dot com.

DIY Consulting: My favorite indie writers are those who are invested in learning how to be great indie publishers. They are curious about all aspects of book production and eager to learn. If you’re one of those and you’re stumped by a glitch in your formatting or you want to learn some nifty tricks to kick your production values up a notch, contact me at jayewmanus at gmail dot com. For around twenty bucks, I can troubleshoot your files, show you some formatting tricks, even whip you up a template.

Back List Restoration and Production: If you had the rights reverted for your back list, but you’re putting off reissuing the titles as ebooks and/or print-on-demand because of the complexity of the project, the costs involved or the time it will take, let’s talk. This happens to be something I’m very good at and, I promise, I’m a lot faster than you. 🙂 I can scan old books, restore the text, format the files for digital and print, and even help with the covers. I won’t charge you an arm and a leg, either. We can work out price deals on a case by case basis.

I’m hoping that life settles down for me soon and I can go back to helping out every person who asks me to help. Until then, I’ll try to write more blog posts to make your DIY book production easier.


12 thoughts on “Book Production Services: Ebook and Print-on-Demand

  1. JW

    Send the overflow my way. Right now, I have time. I just formatted book #462.

    I don’t scan, but I do format.
    (NOTE from Jaye: I checked Rik out before I approved his comment. Looks like he knows his stuff. :))


  2. Thanks for the book recommend, Paul. I had some choices to make, so made them. Maybe next year will be the right time to take over the world. 🙂 (My dream is to have a 24/7 sweatshop with a crowd of minions who address me as “Mah-dahm.”)

  3. That’s the thing about life, it tends to get in the way sometimes. Sorry it’s hassling you at the moment, hope you you can return the favor to it soon. In the meantime, I am endlessly grateful I got in early as one of your regulars and that you continue to rehab and gussy up my backlist titles for their happy new e-life. Thanks, Jaye!

  4. Being flooded with so much work that you have to turn some away is problem that I can’t wish on a more deserving person. I hope and trust that it’s all going well for you.

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