9 thoughts on “All Your Questions About Ebook Organization Answered

  1. Thanks, Jaye. We struggled to answer emails about these topics, so we decided to get organized and round everything up in a book. Although not sexy, we hope it’s useful for the indie community.

  2. As soon as I saw that Paul’s name was on it (I’m on the BB email list), I downloaded it.

    I’m not quite finished writing Book 1 of Pride’s Children, but I’m still aiming for October, and all those things that were ‘to be done later’ have started to appear on the ‘must do now’ list. How does anyone survive the self-publishing of their first book?

    And this is the place where I can’t get help, because my method for getting help is to do it myself first, so I know what I need help with, and what I want. Bad method – but me, because I know there will be changes and changes before I’m sure about anything – and I would rather publish late than not have exactly what I want. Or what I think I want, anyway.

    Later I will relax and let other people do my bidding. I think.

  3. Thanks so much for this recommendation! I picked up this book as well as the eBook Design and Development Guide and am working my way through them. Great blog, and great suggestions for resources!

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