Who’s in Your Writing Community? Time to Show the Love (and WIN PRIZES!)

writestuff2I’m always ragging on you about writing better and producing better books, marketing your work and finding your audience and acquiring business sense. Ever wonder why I do it? (The obvious answer is that I’m a natural born nag–ask my family.) The real reason is that, YOU, all the subscribers and passersby and regular visitors, are part of my community. The strength of any community is determined by the willingness of its members to work, share and support each other in big ways AND small. The blog posts I write are one way for me to give back to the community which supports me so well.

How very nice, Jaye, but you said there are prizes.
I’m getting there.

One of the members of my community had become a very good friend. Jerrold Mundis. Aside from being a nice guy, he’s a hell of a writer. (If you happen to like antebellum and Civil War fiction, or stories about dogs, or need financial advice, read his books and you’ll think he’s a hell of a writer, too.) He’s also a writing coach and editor and money guru and former dog trainer and a long list of other interesting things. I recently formatted his book BREAK WRITER’S BLOCK NOW! for a Storybundle called the Write Stuff Bundle. Lo and behold, other members of my writing community are in the bundle, too. (Don’t know what Storybundle is? Click here and check it out.)

Along with Jerry, the writers I consider part of my writing community are:

  • Chuck Wendig (profane and NSFW {mostly because of the laughing}), giving you a good kick in the backside to get you on the road to writing a novel.
  • Bob Mayer with a toolkit no writer should be without.
  • Laura Resnick with the inside scoop on the writing life.
  • Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, partners in life and business, sharing their hard-won wisdom.

The other writers–Vonda N. McIntyre (fantasy and science fiction); J. Daniel Sawyer (audiobooks); Douglas Smith (short fiction); Judith Tarr (writing about horses); Leah Cutter (on business)–are new to me, but I suspect after I read their books, they’ll be part of my community, too.

writestuff1You’re sounding like a fangirl, Jaye, or a stalker. How about them prizes?
Getting there. Back to Jerry first.

I told him I’d bought the Write Stuff Bundle and was reading it on my new iPhone. (Mostly to see if the display was good enough for my old eyes–it is–and to see what the iPhone does to formatting–not bad at all.) Jerry chastised me for buying the bundle because he wanted to give me a promo code as a gift. To which I said, oh well, too late. He asked me if I wanted to gift the bundle to anyone else.

That’s when I thought about YOU.

It would be easy enough for you to bop over to the Storybundle site and buy the Write Stuff Bundle. It’s pay what you want ($5 minimum), plus it has the additional benefit of allowing you to donate to a charity at the same time. But isn’t WINNING more fun?

Isn’t WINNING BIG even more fun?

Along with winning the story bundle with ELEVEN books by eleven writers sharing their wisdom and experience, I’m putting up an ebook format. That’s right, win the books, and win my time and experience to bring YOUR book out in digital.

It won’t be easy, though. (Always a catch, eh? ) In order to win eleven books and a digital format job from the person (me!) Lawrence Block calls his “Production Goddess”, you need to give back to the community. By that I mean for you to give the eleven writers in the Write Stuff Bundle the one thing that every writer (whether brand new or with decades of writing under their belts) needs: NOISE. Make them part of your writing community and share with others.

This is exactly what you need to do:

  1. Tweet this post with the hashtag #MyWritingCommunity. Or share it on Facebook.
  2. Visit the website of one (or two or all–I’ve linked to their websites) of the writers in the Write Stuff Bundle. Tweet or share on Facebook one of their posts. Remember, hashtag #MyWritingCommunity. While you’re there, if you find what they have to say interesting and valuable, sign up for their newsletter or subscribe to their blog. Check out their books, too. This is a diverse group, and you might discover a new fave or two.
  3. Send an email to jayewmanus@gmail.com with “My Writing Community” in the header. If you want to tell me what you’ve done to support the community that supports you, I’d love to hear about it.

In a week, using Double-blind, Super-secret, Assuredly Scientific methods, I will select a winner and post it here.

Sound like fun? Good! Now go show the love.


UPDATE: Through my Super Secret, Scientifically Accurate process (it involved a 22-month-old and a doll’s hat) I’ve drawn a winner! Congratulations, Shalisha! You should have your email by now and I truly hope the Write Stuff Bundle inspires you as much as it inspires me. For the rest of you, the Write Stuff Bundle is still available until June 4th.


11 thoughts on “Who’s in Your Writing Community? Time to Show the Love (and WIN PRIZES!)

  1. I’m going to do this & I think it’s great of you to sponsor this. I just have to register one quibble: “He asked me if I wanted to gift the bundle to anyone else.” Turning nouns into verbs can be creative, but we’ve already got a perfectly good verb: give. Just my little hobby horse.

  2. Great! I think this is really neat. Look forward to hearing how it does. Whatever that is, that’ll be terrific.

  3. Writers block is when my imaginary friends won’t talk to me. Thank you, Robert J. Teitelbaum Author, SAG Actor, Casting Director. Trauma, Abuse and Recovery Frogsandsnailsandmobstertales.com

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. #Who is in my writers community Mostly my mentors. Dave Pelzer Author of “a Child Called It”. John H. Lee Author of “The Flying Boy and “The Half-lived Life. Also other writer friends. John Bradshaw, Claudia Black, Jerry Moe, I have been fortunate to have a lot of great friends that have mentored me and supporting me in all that I do. I do wish you my best and if I can help please let me know. Robert J. Teitelbaum Frogs and Snails and Mobster Tales: Growing up in Al Capone’s Shadow Frogsandsnailsandmobstertales.com

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Reblogged this on Glass City Books and commented:
    Jaye Manus has a fabulous blog. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s a wonderful resource, particularly on formatting ebooks.

    And apart from being a pretty awesome lady (I know, I’ve worked with her, and she does beautiful work), she’s put together an excellent bundle of books on writing. Details below in the post.

    Or just check out her blog posts on self-pubbing and formatting.

  6. I knew you had a crazy side! I just knew it! Beneath that cold hard slave-driving exterior there’s a bad girl! Love it!

  7. BTW can Jerry help train my dog? And if you haven’t read Chuck’s post on GOT, go read. Thank god someone agrees with me!

    • I might be speaking out of turn, but one of the books that Jerry will be bringing out in ebook, eventually, is The Guard Dog: Maximum Protection for You, Your Home, and Your Business. It can be found used on Amazon, but the ebook will be better. (Bad girl? Of course I’m a bad girl {when I’m not too tired or overworked or running behind…})

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