My Boast Post: A Beautiful Ebook

I have been dying to write this post all week! I had to hold off until the book was launched.

My charming (and courageous) friend, Julia Barrett had the rights to this novel reverted back to her. She decided to issue it as an ebook. She commissioned a great new cover, courtesy of Winterheart Designs. Previously, I had produced an ebook for another of her books and did a pretty fair job of it. So Julia felt confident I could get the formatting right. But this time would be different. I sez, “I want to make it beautiful. I want it to look as cool as the fancy ebooks I’ve seen.” (here’s where the courageous part comes in) Julia sez, “Okay.”

My goals for this project were: A fancy title page and chapter heads; well laid out bonus material; and text with minimal errors (I really wanted zero errors, but you know how that goes, best laid plans, blah blah blah).

I used Word, Scrivener and to produce the file.

Word for proofreading, file stripping and fixing the details like punctuation and spacing issues.

Then over to Scrivener for organizing and layout. This novel includes recipes. (I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I dislike novels that contain recipes. Not sure why they annoy me, but they do, er, did. I now, most humbly, eat my words. Thank you, Julia–you know why, heh) I wanted the recipes laid out so they were useful. (Unlike paper books, my Kindle has proved surprisingly hardy in the kitchen–I like to read while I cook–so I have no problem imagining an e-cookbook) It was the layout, not the vehicle that concerned me. There is plenty of bonus material, too. My goal was to organize it in a pleasing way for readers and make it easy to navigate.

Lastly, I used for the graphics.

Did I succeed? I think I did. You decide. (my photos aren’t that great–had to angle the camera because of lighting issues–the ebook looks much better in person)

A pretty title page to match the lush, sexy tone of the novel.

Fancy Chapter Heading

Page 2 of the Table of Contents

A recipe that's easy to read

I am not embarrassed to say that when Julia told me the book had uploaded successfully and the preview looked great, I did a Snoopy dance. A beautiful ebook! As nice as I’d imagined. So, yes, this is truly a boast post.

But, tempting as it may be to buy this book just to admire my lovely formatting job, you really should check it out for the story. Beauty and the Feast is charming, sexy and fun. And quite frankly, if imagery had calories, I’d have gained ten pounds just reading the sexy food scenes. (my new favorite genre–food porn) Julia is having a special promotion to go with the launch, so hop on over to Julia’s blog to see what she has in store.


28 thoughts on “My Boast Post: A Beautiful Ebook

  1. Jaye, you worked miracles and magic with this book. I am thrilled with the outcome. So ya’ll buy it and Jaye and I can both be happy!

  2. Congrats, Jaye! It looks great. Such a delicious book deserves to look yummy. You did an awesome job. Tomorrow (Julia’s birthday) I will give a shout-out on my blog. Maybe with a contest….hmmmmm? Winner gets some yummy food item? What should I do? Jaye? Julia?

  3. I think it looks great, and the fonts match well with the cover. Excellent job. You’ll soon be opening your own e-publishing service, me thinks!

  4. How did you manage to get the elaborate font to stay put? I thought the Kindle changed the font to one of a small selection. And, to rain on your parade, it’s customary to have no indents at the start of chapters and new scenes, though it’s true many ebooks don’t bother with this. I like it as a subliminal signal to the reader.

    • Thanks, Lexi, another note on my list. Didn’t even think about that one.

      The title page and chapter heads are graphics. As are the scene break symbols, which I failed to take a picture of. They look cool, too.

  5. Having tried several different methods to properly format my ebook (and failed on all attempts to the point of nervous breakdown), I am doffing my virtual hat to you, Jaye. This is VERY impressive stuff. Including the title font. How the hell did you do that??? I’m assuming that this is a Scrivener thing. I downloaded Scrivener yesterday and am still working my way through the turorial. Now that I can see a result, I’m more than jazzed to see what I can do (and hopefully avoid another nervous breakdown with my next book.) Congrats to you both!

    • Thanks, Martin. You’ll either fall head over heels in love in Scrivener or curse the day I was born. I suspect the former. Especially when you see how well it organizes all your research. Brilliant.

  6. You all are so nice. I’m used to being smacked around… so might take me a minute. But like I said, Jaye held my hand and worked her ass off.

    • Julia has it up on KDP Select right now, Margaret. Ooh, if/when she puts up elsewhere I can do another Boast Post. I will keep you posted.

  7. Margaret, you must be a Firefly fan! Email me and I’ll see what I can do – juliarachelbarrett(at)gmail(dot)com

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